I know we go through this every couple months, where I apologize to you an myself for not being so diligent about keeping up with everything.

These last few weeks have been REALLY stressful. I guess that means I should have been writing more, but I just didn’t have the energy.

Money is tight, as always. On Monday my car go repoed. I worked really hard to to buy a new car the same day so I could get to and from work. Oh…speaking of work, I HATE MY JOB! I had everything worked out to work one more week then quit and I would have a couple weeks to find something new.

BUT NO. My brother and his gf broke up, and she is moving out. That means everything I am saving on not having a car payment now, is now going to my rent going up $300. It’s just so fucking ridiculous ALWAYS living paycheck to paycheck. I finally FINALLY had some brightness showing, something to say I was going to start saving money.

I have decided when my lease is up I’m going to make a move to my grandmothers, where I can have free rent and start saving for real.

God I just feel so stressed all the time. I was finally looking to make a change in my life for the better and not always been so stressed. But life has other options. Fuck me.

Not to mention my head has been hurting SO bad the last few days, and I can’t take anything for it because I’m searching for a new job. Which means drug test. FUCK ME.

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