When you read things on the internet or get advice from other people they always tell you to distract. They offer reading a book, cleaning, exercise, drawing or doing a puzzle as suggestions.

But they never mention alternatives of those things don’t work for you. What if reading hurts your head or makes you more sad. What if you have nothing to clean or you just don’t have the physical energy or if you just HATE it. What if you can’t exercise because of body pain. What if yo’re not good at art? What if you’re not good at puzzles or they make you more frustrated or feel like a failure. What then?

Are you destined to sit around and do nothing and be depressed all the time?

What do you do when you’re broke and all you have at your disposal is Netflix? That gets pretty old after awhile and means you’re just laying in bed wallowing even if you have something going on in the background. If anyone has any suggestions I could really use something right about now.

2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Yes!!! I’m the same, those things just don’t work for me either. It’s all some professionals have suggested for me and when I say that I’ve tried them countless times after the last 13 years and they don’t help, they just say it’s good I know some strategies to help 😡 My therapist has suggested that sometimes you need to train your brain to recognise something you use subconsciously to calm down when stuff is minor/ manageable, then train it to be able to use it when it’s more major stuff.

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