This day and age everyone thinks emotional support animals are just a way to give people who want to bring their pets everywhere with them a way. And sure, a lot of people abuse how easy it is to get the paperwork done.

However, I know more than anyone that with or without paperwork, most animals in their own way are emotional support animals. I mean, mental illness or not, if you have a pet you come home and the first thing you do is tend to them. When you’re upset they’re always there for you.

For some it goes to the next level, some people need an animal to be there for them. Some people have friends and others don’t. Some people can communicate their feelings and others can’t. None of these thing are more validating than others for your needs for emotional support. And sometimes that emotional support is better coming from a dog or a cat or a pig or something that’s been there for you always.

That’s why you should never question or make fun of or do anything but defend an emotional support animal.

Never, I mean never ask someone to leave behind their emotional support animal over a long weekend just because YOU think that having them there is a burden. Having a dog around might be the saving grace for someone with anxiety or ptsd or anger issues or bi polar. No matter how high functioning the person may seem, you never know what they need to stay that functional.

So no, as a person with BPD, anxiety, PTSD, depression and more, I will not leave my emotional support dog behind. I’d rather not come at all.

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