I told you it was coming. My thoughts on medical marijuana and how I have cut down on my prescription medicine since I’ve moved to Colorado and started using it regularly.

So just for some background, on what I’m using I’m using CBD oil with 51.6mg of THCA, 25.9mg of THC, and 570.5mg of CBDA. I will also take hybrid and indica gummy edibles.

So before I moved to Colorado in May, I had been smoking for many years sporadically. The problem was what I was smoking, it wasn’t meant for medical purposes therefore it didn’t help my problems. Those of you who have kept up with my blog from the beginning or have caught up, you know I have some significant mental health and regular health problems. As you can imagine I’ve been on so much prescription medication to manage my problems.

Since I was 14 I probably have been on around 100 different medications prescription and natural to try to fight the PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, (for awhile bi polar disorder when I was mis diagnosed), BPD, chronic headaches, fainting, and body pain. I’ve tried the chiropractor, acupuncture, yoga, and anything else you might suggest. But I was still feeling everything so intensely and painfully.

Since I’ve been in Colorado I have been trying to cut down on the medication, I just wanted to feel better and I wanted to make sure I was hurting myself less in the long run.

Out of all those medications I had only ever had a handful of days in my life with no pain, my headaches are the worst. But since being able to take the CBD oil that catches on to my pain receptors I never would have known that I can smoke it whenever I need, not get high so I can still function, and have more days than I can count that are less painful than ever. Also the Gummy edibles I take at night help me sleep and get some rest. I don’t take them every night, and like everything they don’t always work, but more times than not I can get some good hours of sleep before I wake up and it wares off.

As for my mental health, It doesn’t help all the time. But The prescription meds never worked for long. I still am unstable but being able to sleep and be in less pain causes less flare ups and I’m able to manage it better that I used to.

So as for the big question, the dilemma and what I could deff use some input on. I have already started getting off the medication that I have been prescribed, but do I get off all of it? I’m down to two medications, both for my mood, but I don’t know that I see a difference. Some things to consider, the medication is SO expensive and I don’t have insurance here yet. I often forget to take it even with an alarm and me leaving it in my bed and then I feel like crap the next day. Also the long term effect that it could be causing on my body. Not to mention that since I was in the psychiatric hospital back in January, and all these medication additions I gained 90lbs (that’s 90lbs in 7.5 months)

The medical marijuana is 100% safe (you know other than the sugar I mix it in in my homemade edibles…but I can use all natural ingredients too if I want). It saves money. It’s all natural.

So what do I do?

One thought on “Medical marijuana and the dilemma of whether or not to use it instead of prescription medication

  1. I have just started the medical marijuana and as you said most times you get some relief. I can take a lot of pain meds that don’t help me. I want to work towards getting off pills. I find people don’t realize we don’t want the high we just want relief.


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