For me there are some very clear things that usually help me feel better when I’ve been down for awhile. Trying not to self harm and cut myself means I had to come up with other things to do to release tension and to physically see something leaving my body. So my favorite thing to do is dye my hair and get tattoos.

I’ve been in a real bad slump these last several weeks and I had to make a change. I’ve had this plan for this big tattoo to cover up my self harm scars. I went to get the first part done this past weekend and I’m really proud with how it turned out. I’m hoping that covering my scars with the tattoo will mean that I don’t have the urge to cut anymore. I hope that I can just look down and remind myself that there’s more options than self harm.

But there was just something still not right. So right now I’m sitting at home writing with with purple and blue in my hair. I’m hoping that with my two favorite things I can finally pull myself out of this run I’m in. I always choose to dye my hair because the thing about cutting is seeing the blood wash down the drain is the feeling of release I need. I get a very similar high from watching the hair color wash down the drain.

I know it’s going to take more than a tattoo and some hair dye won’t fix everything but it’s a good start and a reminder of a fresh start.

What to you guys do to help pull yourself out of a major slump? or even a small rut?

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