So tonight I went to watch a Netflix original movie that was recommended for me. The info said nothing about suicide or flashbacks or bullying or mass shootings.

I think this is a real problem when the movie turned out to be based on a kid who’s dad killed himself and another kid who planned on shooting up the school. I think this movie in particular can be problematic when people are not expecting this outcome. It could trigger people who are suicidal, it could trigger people who’s family members killed themselves, it could trigger people who are feeling harsh against a school or other mass area.

All these things not being explained can cause problems. Coming from someone who is suicidal and who’s father killed them self, it triggered emotions in me in two different bad ways. Especially with PTSD I think this day in age trigger warnings are sometimes necessary.

I always tell people that you never know your audience, this is especially true with something like Netflix. Putting out a series like 13 reasons why, they obviously understand the importance of mental illness, so why don’t they do more in other aspects of their movies and shows?

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