I haven’t been able to write in the last week. Some days I was just too tired and other days I was just too busy. Either way sometimes life just gets in the way. I wanted to write every day and I wanted to carve out the time to give my attention to this. I feel like a failure because I couldn’t do it. And then I feel stupid because I shouldn’t have put such high expectations on myself so soon, this was all new to me. Anyways, moving on…

So what are your options when life gets in the way of the things you want to do? I find that I make a lot more excuses than I should, and that I could do a lot better at squeezing everything in.

1st- Take a deep breath. If you have to place your hand on your diaphragm and watch it move up and down.

2nd- Prioritize. Things you have to get done vs things you would like to get done

3rd- Make a List. Write it all down, and as you start accomplishing things it will make you feel better to see your list is dwindling.

4th- SELF-SOOTHE. For ever mastery you need to be adding in self soothes. Even if it’s just taking a bath at the end of the night, or for me writing this blog post. Have that bowl of ice cream, paint your nails, you-do-you.

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